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PowerBI Consultant

Role Overview

Being a Power BI Consultant at Unipartner comes with an exciting & challenging role. As a consultant, you will work on billable engagements to design, develop, and implement solutions by using standard or new methods, techniques and top IT Tech solutions. Assignments range in complexity, from basic analysis and problem-solving to developing recommendations for complete business solutions or technical applications. Consultants work as trusted advisors providing guidance on the correct application of a solution or technique that consistently delivers high client value. ​

The Challenge

As a Power BI Consultant at Unipartner, you should expect to be integrated in a vibrant and solid practice with a consistent track-record of innovation and growth, sustained by successful project delivery. You will have the opportunity to engage in a win-win relationship with our team, in which you will help us to grow our business with your energy and knowledge, and we will help you to grow in your career with on-going training, coaching and participation in challenging projects.

The selected candidate will integrate a project of an important customer of the energy industry, made up of a multidisciplinary team, with the responsibility to create and evolve analytics reports and business insights. Reporting to the technical project leader, you will have to create new data models, integrate data from different sources and develop Power BI dashboards and reports.

This project will provide you with a rich experience in which you will have the opportunity to develop:

  • Your technical knowledge in Data Analytics;

  • Your technical knowledge in PowerBI and advance analytics;

  • Your business knowledge in the context of our clients and in advance intelligence solutions in particular;

  • Your knowledge in complex Azure data architectures.

Don’t worry, you will not have to do this alone. You will be part of a team with multiple different levels of expertise and skills.

You will grow, and so will we.

We are looking for bright talent with:

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience

Technical skills:

  • DAX knowledge;

  • Know Modeling

  • building reports;

  • Work Power Query Editor (M query);

  • Minimally manipulate;

  • Excel (Pivot tables, power query editor and some functions);

  • Power BI Service features;

  • Tabular Cube (SSAS) and SSIS (preferred but not required);

  • SQL;

  • Ability to talk to other teams, requirements gathering and functional analysis.

Soft and other skills:

  • Ability to work in stressful environments;

  • Strong sense of responsibility, dynamism and proactivity;

  • Good communication skills;

  • Ability to communicate with several stakeholders.


Required Languages:

  • Fluent in Portuguese and English.

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