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Digital Portfolio Mgmt / Scrum Master

Role Overview

We are looking for a Consultant to our Digital Lab Team. Being a Consultant at Unipartner is an exciting & challenging role.

The Challenge

This Consultant will work on Unipartner’ s Digital Lab projects and/ or digital transformation end-customer projects. This Role will be responsible for portfolio management and scrum master activities using standard or new methods, techniques, and top IT Tech solutions, consistently delivering high client value

You will grow, and so will we.

We are looking for bright talent with:

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience

Technical skills:

  • Manager digital enabling micro-projects using Agile methodologies – discovery, ideation, scoping, conceptualization, prototyping, testing;

  • Explore preview tools and disruptive technologies for feature\feasibility analysis and quick-win demonstration builds;

  • Conduct proof-of-concept initiatives;

  • Discuss, structure, present and explain concepts and ideas using Design-Thinking approaches; 

  • Support customer-facing digital demonstrations

  • Core skills:

    • Scrum

    • Design-Thinking methodologies

Soft and other skills:

  • Good communication and presentation skills;

  • Experience in project management


Required Languages:

  • Portuguese

Take this opportunity

Send us your CV and portfolio!

We have lots of new exciting projects waiting for you!

Join Unipartner by sending us your CV. 

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