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Procurement Consultant

Role Overview

A Tester Consultant at Unipartner is an exciting & challenging role.

The Challenge


The challenge is support the procurement activity of a financial institution, mainly in activities as EBA requirements compliance, contracts management, NDA/DPA and CEC management, internal procedures and data maintenance.

You will grow, and so will we.

Take this opportunity

Send us your CV and portfolio!

We are looking for bright talent with a minimum of:

  • Minimum of 4 years of experience.

Technical Skills:

  • Contract lifecyle

  • NDA, DPA and CEC

Soft and other Skills:

  • Communicative

  • Initiative

  • Leadership

  • Structured

  • Organized

Required Languages:

Fluent in Portuguese

We have lots of new exciting projects waiting for you!

Join Unipartner by sending us your CV. 

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