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Java Senior Consultant


Being a Senior Consultant at Unipartner comes with an exciting & challenging role. As a senior consultant, you will work on billable engagements to design, develop, and implement solutions by using standard or new methods, techniques and top IT Tech solutions. Senior consultants work as trusted advisors providing guidance on the correct application of a solution or technique that consistently delivers high client value. As part of this challenging role, you will be able to manage teams and demanding projects, as well as work on portfolio offering development.


As part of the project, you will have functional and business requirements engineering. You'll also be responsible for a trading application – EximBills.


As part of Unipartner Team, you will have the opportunity to put into action your expertise and knowledge, as well as learn new and innovative approaches, such as ability to build trust and to drive change with customers. 

You will grow, and so will we.

We look for bright talents with:

  • 5 years of professional experience

Soft skills:

  • Dynamism

  • Resilient

Required Languages:

  • Fluent in Portuguese and English

Take this opportunity!
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